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At age 13 I setup my first Youtube channel, LPAnimations, animating Lego Star wars models using Stop Motion to bring it to life. At the height of my Youtube success I had accumulated 5000+ subscribers, became partnered, started earning revenue on my videos and have a total of 2 and half million overall views. Unfortunately my interest for animating Lego waned but my passion for film had only just begun.

I continued my journey in film at college, directing, shooting and editing my first proper short film “The Connecting Thread.” I really enjoyed the editing process but from there I knew my passion lay behind the camera.

In second year I worked on “A Ride With The Buffalo” where I was the Cinematographer and camera operator. The film was an enormous learning curve and made me appreciate the challenge of making fiction film. The process made me hungry to make an even better film and improve my skills.

My Graduate Film ‘It’s All About The P’ has been the most valuable learning experience in my film career to date. I acted as Cinematographer, writer, camera operator and focus puller. Acting in all of these roles gave me a lot of creative control on what the film looked like. I became very dexterous and co-ordinated with the C300 and I am eager for new challenges.

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